2 MELT RollersI was privileged to sit down and chat with some of the superstars of MELT recently. Here is what they had to say.

ME: Welcome to all. I am so pleased that you could join us in the studio with your busy class schedules.

GREEN ROLLER: Hey, no prob
PINK ROLLER: It’s a pleasure
BLUE ROLLER: Thanks for inviting us.

ME: So, tell me a bit about yourselves.

GREEN: I’m a firm kind of guy. I lead a very heavy pressure kind of life. No sunset walks on the beach for me. Gimme some respect.

PINK: I’m more delicate and soft. But I’ve got a few bumps and nubs on me too. You might like me better than that big brute Green Roller.

GREEN: Hey now, I’m not so bad. You haven’t met my cousin Black Roller. He’s into some pretty intense stuff. Sometimes he even goes after pain! I’m not gonna call it S&M but, ya know…

ME: Umm, this is a family kind of newsletter.

BLUE: Stop your bickering. (Aside, to me) they’re always at it…. Hey you two, remember we spoke about this? You’re both special, just different. Green, you speak clearly and loudly to the muscular system of the body. Pink lady, you communicate more delicately to the connective tissue and the nervous system.

GREEN: Oh look at this guy. New kid on the block thinks he knows everything.

PINK: (sniffles) I need a soft tissue.

BLUE: Well I don’t know it all, I’m just a product of you two and your experience in the world making people feel good in their bodies. I’m the prefect blend of Pink’s softness with a hint of Green’s firmness. I help people get more hydrated on the cellular level.

GREEN: Yo, just drink more water.

BLUE: That may not help. We lead such stressful lives today that stress often accumulates faster than we can rid the body of it. Stuck stress creates barriers in the connective tissue where fluids cannot reach.

PINK: Honey, I have been telling you to slow down.

GREEN: Yeah, but I gotta work hard and go deep to make a difference, don’t I?

BLUE: Well, firm pressure increases blood flow to muscle, which is nice and all. But the barriers are elsewhere. It’s the softness of my touch that creates a fluid exchange in and out of the connective tissue layer so that your cells can get nutrients and release waste, breaking up those pesky barriers.

GREEN: I think you’re just superficial.

BLUE: Yes, some people might say so. But really, Pop, stop being so hard-headed! It takes time and attention to sense what I’m about, and the results might not be immediately apparent. But they are real and long lasting because the nervous system is on board. People tell me all the time how much I’ve changed their lives.

2 MELT Rollers2PINK: What a good boy. Gary, you should be more proud of our boy.

GREEN: Pinky Pie, what a softie you are. I am proud of him. He’s gonna make a difference in the world in his own way. There’s no one else quite like him.

ME: Aww, I think it’s time for a group hug…