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MELT in the Canyon

by Guest Writer

by Gail Galvani Bell “As long as there are canyons, people will be drawn to them.” -Anonymous   We still don’t know whose words these are, but they very well could have been mine. My dream ever since seeing the Grand Canyon as a kid was to one day, hike to the bottom, spend the […]

An Antidote to Holiday Stress

by Guest Writer

By Jaymie Meyer, CWP, ERYT500 My first experience of restorative yoga occurred 19 years ago. While practicing yoga nidra (yogic sleep), I went far, far away. Not only did I feel rejuvenated upon my return, I was intensely curious: How could lying on my back, awake, for just 20 minutes provide such delicious renewal? There’s […]

“Like Cures Like”, and NOT on Facebook

by Guest Writer

by Jennette Cable, ND, CTN, CCH I’ve lost count of the number of times I sit across from a client in my office who proclaims, “My doctor does what you do. She’s really homeopathic and doesn’t like to prescribe medications,” or “I’m looking for a homeopathic doctor who will help me do a liver cleanse,” […]