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Ketchup with Your Self-Care

by Edya Kalev

You open the bottle and turn it over. Nothing. Not a drop of ketchup makes it way onto your eagerly awaiting fries. So you screw the cap back on, and shake it. Now the ketchup flows freely down the neck of the bottle, adding the perfect zest to your meal. Yum. That’s pretty amazing, isn’t […]

Meeting Mr. Barrier

by Edya Kalev

You arrive at a nightclub, dressed to the nines and ready to meet someone interesting. You investigate the general area first, getting a sense of who’s at the bar, who’s on the dance floor, and who’s hanging back by the door. You spot a guy by the bar. He looks really tender. You walk around […]

A Painful Lesson

by Edya Kalev

Recently, we spent some time visiting a friend of the family in the country. The same day we arrived, their 8-year old son, Leon* injured his neck on the trampoline in their backyard.For the remainder of the day, Leon lay on the bed in such great pain he could not turn his head or sit […]

MELT in the Canyon

by Guest Writer

by Gail Galvani Bell “As long as there are canyons, people will be drawn to them.” -Anonymous   We still don’t know whose words these are, but they very well could have been mine. My dream ever since seeing the Grand Canyon as a kid was to one day, hike to the bottom, spend the […]

An Interview with the Superstars of MELT

by Edya Kalev

I was privileged to sit down and chat with some of the superstars of MELT recently. Here is what they had to say. ME: Welcome to all. I am so pleased that you could join us in the studio with your busy class schedules. GREEN ROLLER: Hey, no prob PINK ROLLER: It’s a pleasure BLUE […]