“These are the practitioners I go to when I need a little extra care and support. I recommend all of them wholeheartedly.” – Edya



Alana Kramer DSH, Classical Homeopathy
Located at The Breathing Project
15 West 26 Street, 10th floor

Alana is a graduate of the 4-year program at the School of Homeopathy in England and New York, and continues to study the Sensation Method with Bhawisha & Shachindra Joshi. She treats clients with a wide range of health issues, both physical and mental/emotional. Since homeopathy treats the whole person, rather than the symptoms, there are few limits to what it can treat.

Jennette Cable, ND, CTN, CCH, ST
Creative Care & Wellness Center
Traditional Naturopath
Classical Homeopath
Sound Therapist
[email protected]

Jennette is certified by the American Naturopathic Certification Board, the Council on Homeopathic Education, and is an active member of the Sound Healers Association. She believes we are souls enjoying a human experience, and as such, deserve a multi-faceted approach to wellness. Jennette supports each feminine spirit in her practice to discover innate natural harmony through a combination of nutritional counseling, constitutional homeopathy, and sound frequencies.


Massage Therapy/Connective Tissue Work

Simone Lindner, LMT Advanced Structural Integration Practitioner
Touch Medicine
420 East 81st Street, Ground Floor
[email protected]

As a Licensed Massage Therapist, Simone specializes in Structural Integration or “SI”, a form of hands-on, deep connective tissue work originally developed by Ida Rolf and further elaborated upon by internationally known bodyworker and author, Tom Myers. Simone became certified in SI in 2003, and now is one the top teachers in the world for this intensive training program. Structural Integration complements MELT perfectly because they both focus on connective tissue and improving body awareness.




Janet Dailey Butler
Dailey Reflexology and Yoga
7 West 22nd Street, 8th floor

Janet Dailey, owner of Dailey Reflexology and Yoga, is a certified Reflexologist, and Registered Yoga teacher with over 12 years experience in the healing arts.



Jeanne Atkin, L.Ac.
212 927 3640
[email protected]

Flat Iron District
20th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue

Washington Heights:
Fort Washington Avenue & 180th St

Through inquiry, listening, observation and touch, Jeanne practices the simple, logical and time honored art of the Chinese medicine practitioner. She is a NY-State Licensed Acupuncturist with a Master’s of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is board-certified in both Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine by the NCCAOM. Jeanne has studied and practiced traditional Chinese medicine in NYC for the past 14 years.


Brain Gym

Mari Miyoshi
Occupational Therapist
Licensed Brain Gym Consultant/Teacher
Miyoshi Method – Your Brain by Design
Upper East Side 77th and 1st Avenue
[email protected]

Mari is a brain transformation coach, coaching women to attract the communication, love, career and life they want. LIfe is too short to settle, and Mari’s clients have finished books, cleared clutter, improved troubled relationships, attracted their fiances/future husbands, reconnected to their purpose, and have learned to communicate their purpose and essence with greater ease and clarity. Mari takes great pleasure in helping people achieve the satisfaction in their lives that they didn’t know was possible.


Holistic Dentistry

Dr. Martha Cortés
Cortés Advanced Dentistry
(212) 262-0950

120 Central Park South
59th Street between 6th & 7th Avenue
Manhattan, New York 10019

Worried about your general well-being whilst undergoing oral restorations? Focusing on holistic dental treatment, Martha Cortés DDS ensures that your overall health and well-being is cared for. Holistic Dentistry utilizes methods, materials, techniques and treatments to deliver the least negative impact to the rest of your body. Martha Cortés, DDS, New York, is a general and cosmetic dentist, as well as one of the few fully certified neuromuscular dentists from the prestigious Las Vegas Institute, Las Vegas, Nevada, which is a celebrated and world recognised post-graduate training center for restorative dentists that takes year of hands-on-training to accomplish.


Career Coaching

Joanna Lindenbaum
Soulful Coaching for Busy Women
[email protected]

Joanna believes with every fiber in her being that women have the power to transform the world. Because of this, she coaches busy women who are looking to nourish their creativity and take their lives to the next level. She partners with clients to create vitality, passion, and fulfillment in their lives. These women are often already working on or are ready to embark on projects that will launch them out into the world to have a voice, create inspiration, and take action. Whether you want to change careers or find a healthy balance in your life, Joanna can support you in being as BIG as you can be.