Edya has empowered me!

Edya Kalev is a wonderful teacher: skilled, intuitive, attuned, focused, kind, gentle, & dedicated! Our private sessions have evolved over the past 2½ years. Edya draws on her broad and deep experience in both yoga and MELT to teach me the specific skills I need to work with my body in order to make steady progress. From tight, inflexible and unfamiliar, I have gotten to know my body much better, understand how all the parts interact, and am able to move with more grace and confidence. Edya has empowered me with the tools to do this for myself and I am grateful! ~ Catherine T, New York


MELT significantly alleviated my pain…

I began taking MELT classes with Edya Kalev because of chronic back, leg and neck pain caused by arthritis and spinal stenosis. The constant pain interfered with all aspects of my life, including my ability to focus and concentrate on my work as a clinical psychologist. My energy level and mood at work had been affected, as well. The breathing, stretching and exercise activities I learned in my eight sessions of MELT significantly alleviated my pain and consequently allowed me to engage in my work in a more productive and satisfying way. I have continued to use the exercises I learned through MELT and the pain levels I experience remain significantly less than before. ~ David T, New York


Edya is hands-down the best teacher out there.

I LOVE MELT; and you are hands-down the best teacher out there. You integrate language and visualization so naturally to the physical process.

There is VERY RARELY a day that goes by that I am not on the roller and or balls. I have even learned to travel easily with the roller. Last year my roller made trips to Italy, Germany, Mexico, North and South Carolina, Virginia, and California. MELT makes traveling so much easier.

THANK YOU for being so awesome. ~ Christina B, New York


I wake up feeling ready to start my day…

I have been amazed by the difference that I feel in the morning following a MELT treatment.  My regular feelings upon waking up in the mornings are feelings of tiredness and sleepiness and I have a hard time waking up and getting out of bed.  The alarm goes off a few times before I can finally open my eyes and rise.  On a morning following a MELT treatment, I wake up feeling ready to start my day.  I am able to open my eyes right away after the first sound of the alarm.  I do not feel tired or sleepy and it is easy for me to get up out of bed. ~ Sarit L, New York


Edya helps us listen to our bodies…

I started working with Edya knowing that her approach to yoga was one of being very mindful of individual needs of her students, and her idea of gentle yoga. She helps us listen to our bodies and focuses a lot on breathing – something for which I need guidance. I never feel pushed beyond what I can do safely, but appreciate doing great stretches and movement for my body. There is always a noticeable difference in how I feel after class – the sensation of my body feeling more open and at ease. And it is always a nice touch at the end of class when we are lying still, eyes closed in deep relaxation on the mat, and Edya shares a different essential oil with us. The lovely and various Young Living fragrances are a perfect way to end the class. ~ Cari F, New York


 I can focus on doing my job and not on how to avoid pain…

The MELT Method® has improved my life. I clearly remember saying to my friend “I guess I’m going to have to get used to a sedentary life”. I always had alot of energy and liked to hike whenever I got the chance. My feet had become so sore and painful that I was contemplating just staying off them as a solution. I had been wearing orthotics for years.  While they did help me to walk, the pain continued to increase. My friend told me about the MELT sessions you were doing. After the first session with you the pain in my feet was greatly reduced. Doing the exercises with the balls helped a tremendous amount. The pain of everyday standing and walking faded and when my feet were extra tired or sore from a long hike I could use the MELT balls to refresh my feet and eliminate pain and soreness.  I have continued to use the balls for the past few years and I now no longer need the orthotics!  My feet feel great.

I have had problems with my hands since I started my present job which is about 10 years. I saw a doctor who said it was not carpal tunnel syndrome but had nothing to offer me for relief. I tried to do exercises and to sometimes hold my hands differently to combat soreness and pain but I didn’t know what would be effective.  My job involves reading reports, turning pages and signing my name. I got a stamp of my signature to eliminate the stress of that motion but I still held papers and turned pages frequently which is what seemed to cause the soreness and pain. It got worse over the years.  After the first session with the balls the pain was greatly reduced. As I continue to use them on my hands the pain is lessening further. Strength is coming back to my hands and wrists. The strength to grip and twist door knobs is coming back.  Now I reach for a door knob without thinking about it. I sign my name without pain and have no problem turning pages. While I did not drop things I worried that that was the next step in the debilitation of my hands.  Now I can focus on doing my job and not on how to avoid pain. I don’t know what I would have done if I had never heard of MELT. I have to say it again, The MELT Method® has improved my life.  Thank you very much. ~ Irene D, New York


 The most effective body therapy…

The balls are great – I’m finding MELT to be the most effective body therapy I’ve ever encountered. ~ Paul D, Denver, CO


Even my mood is improved…

Edya, I wanted to let you know I am actually walking ON my feet for the first time in years!  My feet feel fully on the floor without pain in that area where the bone has migrated away from the midline because of the bunion.  I realized I’ve been walking on the very outer rim of the foot and curled toes for years.  My balance is better and even my mood is improved. ~ Becky L, New York


 My experience has been pretty incredible…

During the first session with Edya, I regained full range of motion in my neck. During the second session, my TMJ unlocked.  Now I was also doing MELT at home.  My hip stopped hurting, my calf had no cramps, my feet felt great.  I stopped hopping down the subway stairs because my knee could now flex.  I gained back my power walk. I felt strong in my body.

By third session I was jumping out of bed in the morning. Could it really be MELT..so gentle..so easy..so exact?  So I stopped doing it just to see.  Sure enough, my pains started coming back, sneaking up.  It was back to the MELT Method for me.

My experience has been pretty incredible.  So incredible that most people I talk to about it do not believe me, even though they see the effects.

For me, life in my body will never be quite the same… it will be so much better! ~ Judy F, Queens, NY


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