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I hear these kinds of statements from new MELTers all the time. They are amazed at the difference in their bodies after just one hour of MELT.

So how can one hour of lying around on a roller and pressing into little balls make such big changes?

The power of The MELT Method comes from an untapped resource in your body itself: your connective tissue. Connective tissue, or fascia, envelopes all the muscles, bones, joints, organs, and nerves of the body. It supports and protects every individual part of the body, and also connects them in a vast web-like network. And much like other networks you are familiar with – the internet, or fiber optics for example- your body depends on it’s connective tissue for high speed communication and responsiveness between all its parts with every movement you make. It is the connective tissue which responds first to prepare you to pick up a pencil, step off a curb, or do a downward facing dog. We simply couldn’t live without it.

Healthy connective tissue is made up of a delicate balance of fibers and fluid. Collagen fibers provide support and containment, while elastin fibers allow movement and flexibility. But there must be enough fluid in the connective tissue environment for the fibers to act with “tensegrity“. With ample fluid, muscles glide gracefully over one another, the joints stay centered, the nerves fire quickly, and the organs work efficiently.

However, almost everything we do nowadays dehydrates our connective tissue. Sitting for long periods of time, repetitive movements like texting or using a mouse, eating processed foods, sleeping poorly, even your workout routine, can cause dehydration on a cellular level. The process of aging itself causes dehydration. And when connective tissue gets dehydrated, things that should be separate get “sticky.” Whole body communication breaks down. Friction, inflammation, and chronic pain are often the result, unless we pro-actively go in and rehydrate this vital tissue.

MELT rehydrates the connective tissue through a carefully coordinated series of movements, using soft rollers and balls. It was developed by gifted bodyworker, researcher, and bestselling author Sue Hitzmann, to simulate the amazing results she offered her clients using the gentle touch of her hands. So we never use hard rollers or hard balls on the body in MELT, and we respect the connective tissue’s relationship with the nervous system. Part of the connective tissue’s role in the body is to protect it, so going in too hard, too fast, and too deep triggers this “protection mode”. We strive to keep the parasympathetic nervous system dominant (your “relaxation response”) so that you receive the long lasting benefits of MELT. This is where deep healing occurs.

MELT is not just a way to get out of pain, it is also a great complement to any kind of physical activity you already do. It helps runners run longer, dancers jump higher, and yogis bend deeper, as well as reducing the risk of injury. When connective tissue is properly hydrated, muscles work better, so you’ll get more from your weight lifting or sculpt class. You’ll feel the work in all the right places the day of your workout. And the next day, you’ll feel just as great.

Rehydrating your connective tissue with MELT is the key to moving through life with more freedom and ease. Learn to MELT today!

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