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The Power of Threes

– 3 live classes a week for 30 minutes (recordings available)
– 3 MELT Stability Moves each class
– for 3 Weeks
– for $33!!!

Here’s what one past participant said about her experience:
“Edya, I am so excited to report- I do a circuit training class on Mondays and today I noticed an improvement in my (not great) balance. Your series is the only thing new to my mix.
Thank you!”  -Tina

Together, we will MELT our shoulders, hips, and core 3 times a week, to improve range of movement, reduce pain, sleep better, and feel great!

This is a live Zoom series, but if you cannot attend the live sessions, recordings will be available each week for 7 days after the day of the recording.

Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, starting May 30, 2022
Mondays and Tuesdays are morning sessions 8:00-8:30am EST
Thursdays are evening sessions 8:00-8:30pm EST

The last week, there will also be a bonus day of MELT on Friday, June 17 at 8am EST.

Props Needed:
– Full Body MELT soft roller
– MELT Resistance Band or another light or medium 6-foot resistance band of your choice
– Yoga mat or place to lie down comfortably
– Cushion or flat pillow
– Folded bath towel or small blanket
– A big glass of water!

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