New Series!

The Power of Threes
– 3 MELT Strength Moves
– 3 times a week
– 3 Weeks
– for $33!!!

Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00-8:20am starting May 3

Love to MELT but sometimes don’t get around to the stability work of MELT NeuroStrength?

Meee tooooo!

So let’s MELT our shoulders, hips and core together, 3 times a week, to improve range of movement, reduce pain, and finally get back into workout-ready shape for an active summer!

This is a live Zoom series, but if you cannot attend the live sessions, recordings will be available each week until the Sunday of that week.

The last week, there will also be a bonus day of MELT on Friday, May 21 at 8am.

Props Needed:
– Full Body MELT soft roller
– MELT Resistance Band or another 6 foot resistance band of your choice
– Yoga mat or place to lie down comfortably
– Pillow
– Folded bath towel or small blanket

Need to buy MELT props? Go to my Shop Page!

Reserve your spot today!